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Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio 14-Jan-2021

KHNY/R 145.49 Repeater


  • Frequency: 145.490 TX, standard -600 KHz offset.
  • PL Tone: 100.0 CTCSS (PL) tone is normally on, as part of coordination.
  • Time-Out-Timer: 180 seconds, reset after the courtesy tone.
  • Kerchunk Timer: 1/2 second.
  • DTMF tones are muted after the first tone is entered.
  • EchoLink: A radio link connects to node 469520 operated by KCREO.
           Use the C100 command to regenerate DTMF tones for EchoLink access.
  • RF Deck: Kenwood TKR-750.
  • Controller: Arcom RC-210.

User Features
C 100 DTMF Regeneration When sending DTMF to an external device, it is desirable to ensure that DTMF is clean and unprocessed for maximum reliability. The controller may be used to generate and repeat a DTMF sequence, up to six digits.
Enter the command C 1 0 0 followed by the DTMF digits to be regenerated. After unkeying your radio, the DTMF sequence is sent after the courtesy tone.
C 105 DTMF Test Users can determine if their DTMF pads are being properly decoded by the RC210. The controller will read back up to 16 digits.
Enter the command C 1 0 5 followed by the DTMF digits to be decoded. After unkeying your radio, the digits are read back by voice after the courtesy tone.
C 110 Voice Play Back Users can check the quality of their signal into the repeater. The controller will record and play back any voice test message.
Enter the command C 1 1 0 and unkey your radio. The controller responds with "Ready" and the amount of recording time available. Begin your next transmission within four seconds and transmit your voice test message. Unkey your radio and the controller will play what was recorded.

Courtesy Tones
Different repeater courtesy tones are programmed to alert the control opertors on the status of the repeater.

K Normal CT when no alerts are detected.
B The repeater is operating on battery power.
P The RF Power amplifier is not operating.
T The repeater hut is too hot or cold.
H The auxilliary heater is turned on.
D The repeater hut door is open.

Estimated Coverage Area
Assuming a 60 watt mobile radio.

The map was generated by Dale WBPKG using Radio Mobile by VE2DBE.

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