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Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio 03-Dec-2018

Regional Activities

This list is compiled from several sources and updated on an irregular basis. Our goal is to keep this a regional listing. We strive to keep the information accurate, but sometimes errors do creep in. Please let us know of any errors you may notice. Let OSCAR know if you have any upcoming events you wish to have listed. We reserve the authority to include or deny listings as appropriate.

HF Nets
Day Time
Name Location
Daily 12:00P 3.860 ARRL MN Section Phone Net  
Daily 05:30P 3.860 ARRL MN Section Phone Net  
Daily 12:00P 3.605 ARRL MN Section CW Net  
Tuesday 07:00P 28.410 USB Rag Chew Net Austin, MN
Tuesday 08:00P 28.320 Rochester HF Net Rochester, MN

VHF/UHF Weekly Nets
Day Time
PLL Name Location
Monday 07:00P 146.715 100.0 FLDIGI Net Waseca, MN
Tuesday 07:00P 147.210   TCRC Info Exchange Burnsville, MN
Tuesday 08:00P 224.640 110.9 NXP 220 Net Ellendale, MN
Wednesday 09:00P 144.250   2 meter USB Rag Chew Minneapolis, MN
Thursday 07:00P 147.255 100.0 SE MN NBEAMS Digital Net Rochester, MN
Thursday 07:00P 146.745 136.5 Tech Talk (Linked to Minneapolis) Byron, MN
Thursday 07:30P 443.500   Austin 440 Net Austin, MN
Friday 07:00P 146.520   Austin Simplex Net Austin, MN
Saturday 09:30A 146.760   Swap Shop St. Louis Pk, MN
Sunday 07:00P 146.730 100.0 Austin Repeater Net Austin, MN
Sunday 07:30P 145.490 100.0 OSCAR Net Owatonna, MN
Sunday 08:00P 146.880 100.0 Albert Lea Repeater Net Albert Lea, MN
Sunday 08:00P 432.120   Northern Lights Net Minneapolis, MN
Sunday 08:15P 222.120   Northern Lights Net Minneapolis, MN
Sunday 08:30P 50.175   Northern Lights AM Net Minneapolis, MN
Sunday 08:30P 50.400   6 Meter Rag Chew Net Austin, MN
Sunday 09:00P 144.260   Northern Lights USB Net Minneapolis, MN
Sunday 09:30P 147.240   Mankato ARC Emergency Services Mankato, MN

VHF/UHF Monthly Nets
Thursday 12:30P 146.700 127.3 1st Thursday of each month Minneapolis, MN
Sunday 07:00P 147.180 100.0 1st Sunday of each month Austin, MN
15th 09:30P 147.060 114.800 15th of each month Stillwater, MN

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