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Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio 25-May-2021

Propagation & Space Weather Information
Collected by WBPKG

--- Propagation Info ---

***NEW*** VOACAP Online HF Propagation Predictions ***NEW***
Voice of America Coverage Analysis Program
Free professional HF propagation prediction software from NTIA/ITS.
Originally developed for Voice of America (VOA).

Minneapolis HAP Chart

D-Region Absorption Prediction

North America APRS Near-Real-Time VHF Propagation Map

Tropo Ducting Forecasts

VHFDX.Net/Spots DX Summit

6 Meter Beacon Calculator Ham Radio Beacons

Reverse Beacon Network WSPRnet

--- Space Weather Info ---

Solar Activity Monitor

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:
From n3kl.org

Link to WWV Geophysical Alert Message

Link to www.spaceweather.com

--- Space Weather Summary ---

Space Weather Overview (SWPC)

Link to GOES X-ray Flux Link to GOES Magnetometer

Link to K and A Indices

Link to GOES Electron Flux Link to GOES Proton Flux

ACE Real-Time Solar Wind (SWPC)

Space Weather Alerts and Warnings Timeline

Link to Space Weather Alerts, Watches and Warnings

Aurora Forecast (NOAA/SWPC)

Solar Wind Prediction (SWPC)

--- Solar Imagery ---
Latest Solar Image - SDO/HMI (Sunspots)
Latest Solar Image - SDO/AIA (Prominences)
Latest Solar Image - SDO/HMI (Magnetogram)

STEREO-Ahead (EUV-195)
Latest Solar Image - SDO/AIA (Coronal Holes)
STEREO-Behind (EUV-195)

Link to SDO Link to STEREO

Link to Solar Cycle Progression

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