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Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio 14-Apr-2017

OSCAR News - February, 2Ø11

OSCAR Meeting
The next OSCAR meeting is 11-Feb @ 9:00 AM, the second Saturday of the month. Meetings are held in the meeting room at the Owatonna HyVee, 18th Street @ Oak Avenue.

The next SKYWARN meeting is 21-Feb @ 7:00 PM, the third Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held at the Owatonna Fire Station.

OSCAR Technician class
The 2012 Technician Class is set to begin 14-Feb. Scheduled teachers are Dennis NRPI, Dale WBPKG, Randy KDUNV, Jeff KCUOW, and Tom NUW. As always, we encourage OSCAR members to sit on the classes and heckle the instructors.

SKYWARN Spotter Class
Steele County SKYWARN Spotter class is scheduled for 13-Mar. This class is for new spotters as well as a refresher for those previously trained. Remember, you must complete a Spotter Class at least every two years to remain certified.

CERT Annual Meeting
All SKYWARN volunteers were invoted to attend the CERT annual meeting. We have so many volunteers across different groups, this is a great opportunity to meet others you may interact with in an emergency. Detective Tom Munns from the OWatonna Police Department gave a presentation on identity theft. Several volunteers were honored with the President's Volunteer Service Award, including Brian KBDD and Jerry KDKRY.

ARES Rapid Response Teams
A couple of meetings were held between the Red Cross SE MN Chapter and District 1 ARES. The effort is to develop a plan to assist the Red Cross and SE MN VoAD Council. The initial plan would include the counties of Olmsted, Fillmore, Dodge, and Steele. The long range plan is to expand to cover 14 counties of SE MN.

Rapid Response Teams (RRT) would be deployed to handle an initial response until a more robust response is formed. 2 or 3 individuals would form an RRT within each county. Members of these teams should:

  • Register as Red Cross volunteers.
  • Complete ICS-100 and ICS-700.
  • Complete Red Cross Disaster Services Team (DST) courses. The DST courses are available online for RC volunteers.
The Red Cross expects to have a 'hands on training' opportunity in MN. This would be a three day class where students learn to deploy the RC's equipment - networks, satellite, radio, etc.. A pre-requisite to the hands on session will be completion of all the DST classes.

Contact Tom NUW if you have an interest.

Technical Net TRaining From Don KCQNA
We have a new opportunity for training in learning TACTICAL NETS, NCS and even perform in a table top set and Drill in the city of Bloomington using their city facilities. Training will begin with AERO 1 & 2 Class on Saturday March 3rd - 0800 - 1600 hours. AERO II will begin around 10 am on March 3rd for those who already have AERO I and need the II Compliment. The GOAL is to use the WHOLE PD side of the Bloomington on the 3rd for the classroom and certifiication of it's participants on this date. Sat. March 10th will be Tabletop Drill then followed after lunch with a LIVE DRILL -- (Weather Permitting) - We will use the Public buildings and schools of Bloomington for our MOCK DRILL. If we can get this done right, we might even have other agencies participating. If you would like more information on this great opportunity, I ask all inquiries please go thru my email at: kc0qna@yahoo.com.

You will need your HT extra battery pack perferred, notebook and pens and and perfer earphones or lapel microphone for the drill. To Reserve your spot -- Please RSVP me at: kc0qna@yahoo.com. More details will be coming in the coming weeks.

Digital Net Connection From Bill KRGR
I'm happy to announce that there is a NBEMS digital net in Southeast Minnesota...every Thursday night starting at 8:00pm cst. At 8pm we use HF on 80 meters...but then we switch to a local repeater frequency for VHF at 9:00pm cst. We will be connected to IRLP reflector 9627 beginning at 9pm. Generally, we use fldigi software using MT-63/2000 mode. This mode is very robust. Some operators just use a handheld radio and the sound card of their computer. Any and all are welcome to try out your digital setup and skills and check into the net. Hope to see you on the waterfall Thursday night.

Leap Seconds From Multiple Sources
Most of us like seeing the sun before noon and the moon after 10:00 PM. What would it be like if it was the other way around? Unless we adjusted the clock through the use of "leap seconds", that could eventually happen. Leap seconds keep the man made clocks in sync with the universe. 24 leap seconds have been added times since it was implemented in 1972, with another leap second scheduled for this June. At the current rate,it would take over 200 years for the man made clocks to be 1 hour out of sync with the universe. The world's clock keepers gathered in Switzerland to decide if the system of adding leap seconds should be abolished. Potential software glitches for satellites and navigation instruments couold cause more problems than the infamous Y2K. Like most political bodies, no decision was made and the issue will be raised once again at the 2015 ITU meeting. Enjoy that extra second of sleep in June.

Aviation Interference From Multiple Sources
As Amateur Radio operators, we can understand the physics of mixing signals. Recent studies suggest that most passengers on an aircraft do not understand the rationale behind shutting off electronic devices during a flight. The Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) is a volunteer organization that develops technical guidance for use by government regulatory authorities and by industry. The DO-160 standard sets emission standards for airborne equipment. Evaluation of many portable electronic devices and found the margin of safety is not sufficient to allow passengers to use them during the critical stages of flight - takeoff and landing. Reports filed by pilots include compass malfunctions, errors in navigational aids, and noise on communication frequencies.