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Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio 14-Apr-2017

OSCAR News - February, 2Ø11

OSCAR Meeting
The next OSCAR meeting is 12-Feb @ 9:00 AM, the second Saturday of the month. Meetings are held in the meeting room at the Owatonna HyVee, 18th Street @ Oak Avenue.

The next SKYWARN meeting is 15-Feb @ 7:00 PM, the third Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held at the Owatonna Fire Station.

OSCAR Technician Class
It is never too late to promote the OSCAR Technician Class, beginning 01-Feb.

MNVOAD Conference
MN Voluntary Organizations Active In Disaster (MNVOAD) will hold the 2011 Conference on 26-Feb. The event will be at Transfiguration Lutheran Church in Minneapolis. Our NWS friend Todd Krause will be the keynote speaker. There is a $25 fee and advance registration is required. Download a registration form for pre-registration and payment.

Storm Spotter Class
Mark your calendar for 01-Mar for storm spotter class.

OSCAR Elections
At the conclusion of heated debates and last minute political moves, OSCAR members went to the polls to determine the club leadership for 2011. The elections are normally held at the December meeting, which was lightly attended due to weather that day. Elections were delayed to the January meeting. The officers for 2011 are:

President: Dennis NRPI
Secretary: Brian KBDD
Treasurer: Mike KDDKC
Junior NXP provided candid photos of the election process.

Memberships run on a calendar year basis. Renewal is $10. Donations are also being accepted to enhance the repeater fund. OSCAR can also earn a comission on new or renewed ARRL memberships. Contact Mike KDDKC for information.

Propagation Page
Dale WBPKG updated teh Propagation web page.

NanoSail-D From Multiple Sources
NASA launched a nanosatellite on 17-Jan. There were some intial problems with the deployment, but eventually began functioning properly. The satellite is a demonstration of a solar sail that may be used in the future to help eliminate the growing mound of trash circling the earth. The satellite is transmitting AX.25 packets every 10 seconds on 437.270 MHz. NASA is encouraging Amateur Radio operators to report beacon packets. The nanosatellite will be in low Earth orbit for as long as 120 days.

CERT Annual Meeting
CERT has many volunteers cross trained in Amateur Radio and SKYWARN. Steele County and Owatonna used the 06-Jan meeting to thank the many volunteers, regardless of the groups they participate in. President's Volunteer Service Award were provided to several amateur radio operators:

  • Bronze level awards were presented to:
    Dale WBPKG, Tom KDAVC, and Linda KDKSF.
  • Silver level awards were presented to:
    Marv NFJP, Tim KCDKA, Dennis KDKSJ, Chris NCPG

Reflective Markers
Jeff KCUOW worked with Sign Pro to make custom reflective markers available. The magnetic material is highly reflective yellow and can be personalized with your call sign. The 3" x 12" markers are $4.50 each and can be ordered directly from Sign Pro. Other options are also available.

Amateur Radio Emergency Services Mutual Assistance Team (ARESMAT) is a program to have a skilled team available to be deployed to an area that does not have enough local resources. Volunteer requirements include ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-700, ICS-800. All of these ICS courses can be taken on line for free. The ARREC Level 1 Emergency Communications Level 1 course is being revised and will be released as "Introduction to Emergency Communications" in early 2011. For more information on ARESMAT, contact Ben KBLR at 320-333-9324 or ben.ramler2010@gmail.com.

One final note, anyone planning to be part of an emergency response should complete ICS-100 and ICS-700. This is valuable background information that may help you understand what might be happening around you. Please let Tom NUW know what ICS and ARRL training you have completed.

ISS Video From Junior NXP
You can watch a video with Commander Wheelock on the Int'l Space Station whom I made a contact with awhile back. This video starts outwith 6 minutes of just him speaking, followed by a neat tour of the ISS with plants growing all over and comfortable living quarters. Then, 11 minutes into the video through the remaining 20 minutes, they approach the U.S. ashe demonstrates what it's like to work the VHF band as they pass over. Somany stations calling that it almost sounds like open squelch. It's worthwatching.

Do You Want Wine With That Electron? From Japan Times
Don't try this at home. Researchers discovered that an iron telluride compound becomes super conductive if it is dipped in wine, beer, or sake. The structure of the compound is similar to other superconductive materials. The material did not show any characteristics of being superconductive until it had aged for a week. On the belief that humidity was the cause of the change in characteristics, the researchers experimented with various liquids. The material achieved superconductivity after being immersed in different types of liquours, with red wine being the most effective.

Tree Radiation Sickness From Multiple Sources
While the debate of the effect of electromagnetic radiation on humans continues, another group of researchers decided to look at the effect on trees. Ash trees were exposed to various types of radiation for several months. The trees exposed to Wi-Fi signals showed symptoms of radiation sickness. The tree symptoms are being noted in urban areas of the Netherlands.

Something For The Newsletter?
If you have anything to submit for the Newsletter, e-mail it to OSCAR by the 20th of each month prior to publication. Submissions can be articles of interest, local news, or somethingto sell.