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Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio 13-Apr-2017

OSCAR News - November, 27

OSCAR Meeting
The next OSCAR meeting is 10-Nov @ 9:00 AM, the second Saturday of the month. Meetings are held at the Happy Chef on US-14 West and I-35.

The next SKYWARN meeting is 20-Nov @ 7:00 PM, the third Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held at the Owatonna Fire Station.

Local News

  • Tom KDAVC was recognized by Harmon Stoves for increased sales of their products.
  • Matt KAPQW has performed on open mike night at the Pizza Ranch in Owatonna.

Technician Class
The Albert Lea ARC is having a Technician Class. It began on Tuesday 30-Oct. The class will gather for three weeks on Tuesday and Thursday nights. A VE session is scheduled for 29-Nov. More information is available on their web site.

A weekend class is scheduled for 08-Dec and 09-Dec at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis. The class runs 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day. Additional information and registration is available by contacting David.Adriansen@va.gov.

CERT Activation
The heavy rains over the weekend of 30-Sep caused some local flooding. CERT was activated about 11:30 on Sun night, 30-Sep, to assist Steele County Emergency Management. About 30 CERT members trudged out in the rain to assist with flooding on the SE side of town. Our own Jeff KC0UOW was part of a KAAL newscast the following morning.

Frequency Measuring Test From ARRL
Mark the calendar for 14-Nov to participate in the 2007 ARRL Frequency Measuring Test (FMT). Using the same format as previous years, the test begins at 8:45 PM (local), if I have my time conversion correct. The approximate frequencies are 1854 kHz, 3583 kHz and 7045 kHz. A suggestion is to monitor the bands before the event to determine which band will be best for measurement purposes. Additional information is available on-line as well as an article in the November 2007 issue of QST.

Hennepin County MARC
During a local newscast, mention was made about the Mobile Amateur Radio Corps for Hennepin County. The inquisitive editor found an interesting news article from December, 2006 on the group and their function.

Wi-Fi T-Shirt From PC World
ThinkGeek is marketing a Wi-Fi Detector Shirt. It has glowing bars on the front that light up in waves when it detects a network. The number of bars illuminating increase as the signal gets stronger. If it could only detect band openings.......

Analog TV Sales From MSNBC
Best Buy stopped selling analog televisions and pulled all remaining stock from its shelves. The move is based on consumers trending toward digital products with flat-panel, high-definition screens and the end of the analog broadcast era. Although broadcasters will stop transmitting analog signals in Feb-2009, cable operators are required to guarantee their customers will receive broadcast channels until Feb-2012.

Repeater Definition From AR Newsline
The October newsletter included mention about the National Frequency Coordinators' Council asking the FCC to refine its definition of a repeater. The original decision by an FCC lawyer may be causing some unexpected interference. A new 2 meter repeater on-the-air with its output in the satellite sub-band at 145.855 MHz is reportedly causing interference to at least 3 amateur satellites with uplinks in the same spectrum.

Guy Wire Corrosion From ARRL Contest Rate Sheet
A reference for understanding electrochemical corrosion is available at Anchorguard. It includes a detailed discussion of buried guy anchors, corrosion mechanisms, and methods of avoiding corrosion.

Vacuum Tubes From ARRL Contest Rate Sheet
On on-line tutorial for vacuum tubes is available at Tech Pub

Space Station Antenna From AR Newsline
Two new ham radio antennas have been installed on the new International Space Station's Columbus module, set to launch later this year. Both antennas have been tested to meet flight specifications. Once on-orbit, the Columbus module ham station will provide several new modes including the first ever full color Amateur Television on orbit.

Toothbrush Navigation From AR Newsline
Orel-B plans to launch a toothbrush with "Sat-Nav"in Britain. The location of the toothbrush is transmitted using a "Bluetooth"-like technology. As you clean your teeth, the toothbrush transmits its location to a base unit with an LCD screen. The screen indicates which area of your mouth has been cleaned and a clock tells you how long you have left to brush.

WXSpots From ARRL Contest Rate Sheet
WXSpots is an internet based reporting system for severe weather observations. A free download provides software that allowing connection to a server. All reports of severe weather are relayed to everyone connected. Reports can be screened by State, County or a list of Counties.

Radio e-Books From ARRL Contest Rate Sheet
W5GRXcontains the beginnings of a list of free ham radio ebooks. The site sponsor would be happy to learn of other free books and is continually adding more links.

Riley Hollingsworth From Miscellaneous Sources
FCC Special Counsel, Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, announced his retirement and rescinded it a week later. When explaining his reversal, he indicated there were several issues he wanted to be able to continue to work on through the amateur community.

ARRL vs. FCC From ARRL Letter
The ARRL faced off with the Federal Communications Commission in the US Court of Appeals over the continuing debate concerning harmful interference to licensed radio services from unlicensed Broadband over Powerline (BPL) systems. Each side had 20 minutes to present their case. The ARRL argued on the removal of interference protection for licensed mobile stations, and the Commission's rules for measuring interference. It could be "three months or more" before the Court announces its decision. - Some information from cnet.com

NTIA Report on BPL From ARRL Contest Rate Sheet
The NTIA recently released the phase 2 study of BPL Interference. The report is in two volumes that can be downloaded in two Volumes that can be downloaded.