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Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio 13-Apr-2017

OSCAR News - August, 26

OSCAR Meeting
The next regular OSCAR meeting is 12-August: 9: AM (local time) at Hardees in Owatonna.

The next SKYWARN meeting is at 7PM on Tuesday night, 15-Aug, at ther Fire Station.

Albert Lea Fox Hunt
The Albert Lea ARC is having a Fox Hunt and picnic on 12-Aug at Pickerel Lake Park. The Fox Hunt runs from 1 PM until 6 PM, with the picnic immediately following. All interested participants are invited.

Rules for the Fox Hunt are:

  1. The frequency shall be 146.520 Mhz FM.
  2. A volunteer shall operate the transmitter. A hidden remote will not be used.
  3. The boundary shall be 5 air miles from Pickerel Lake Park, but outside the city of Albert Lea.
  4. The transmitter signal must be able to be copied at the starting point.
  5. The transmitter signal shall be sent every 3 minutes with the following message.
    1. The Hider's call sign.
    2. The phrase "Albert Lea Amateur Radio Club Transmitter Hunt"
    3. The current time, in hours and minutes.
    4. A ten count (the hider counts from 1 to 10 in a slow and easy to understand manner.)
    5. The phrase "Albert Lea Amateur Radio Club Transmitter Hunt"
    6. The Hider's call sign.
  6. Extra transmissions are permitted at the discretion of the Hider. To avoid confusion, other operators should chose a different frequency to communicate between themselves.
  7. The Hider shall announce when he/she is found by a Hunter. The winner will then become the next Hider or he/she will offer it to someone else, by radio, if that is desired.
  8. If the Hider is not found in 1 hour, the Hider will reveal his/her location and a new Hider shall volunteer or one will be chosen.
  9. Participants shall use good safety practices and good common sense at all times.
  10. Participants shall abide by local, state and federal laws pertaining to motor vehicles, traffic laws, and trespassing.
  11. In case of mild bad weather, the hunt will be held and caution shall be exercised to insure everyone's safety. If the weather is too severe, then an announcement will be made on the 146.88 repeater as to an alternate plan and date.
The picnic will be as usual with everyone bringing their own utensils, meat and drinks, and a dish to pass. We are not reserving the pavilion, but if it is occupied we will have an alternate plan of gathering tables together and setting up a canopy. Please bring a grill for cooking meat.

Migrating Birds From The ARRL Letter
Wildlife researchers are again asking radio amateurs and VHF monitoring enthusiasts to help listen for radio tag signals from migrating Birds. In New Mexico, the hope is to find the wintering grounds of burrowing owls as they leave Kirtland Air Force Base. 20 young purple martins at a breeding colony in Edinboro, Pennsylvania will be tracked to winter grounds in South America. The Homing In has much more information on these projects.

Emergency Alerts From AR Newsline
The Homeland Security expects (by the end of 2007) to be able to send emergency alerts to cellular telephones, portable data assistants, wireless hand held computers and Internet sites. The Association of Public Television Stations is partnering with FEMA to transmit the alerts to receiving networks - including telephone, Internet and traditional broadcast outlets. The plan also includes transmiting warnings on cable television, satellite television and satellite radio.

Katrina Related NPRM From The ARRL Letter
Comments on the NPRM released in June (EB Docket 06-119) are due on 07-Aug. Items related to Amateur radio include:

  1. Waiver of Amateur Radio and license-exempt rules, permitting transmissions necessary to meet essential communications needs
  2. waiver of application filing deadlines, something the FCC did last fall for amateurs living in hurricane-stricken states;
  3. Amending rules to permit automatic grants of certain types of waivers or special temporary authority (STA) in declared disaster areas, streamlining the STA process.

C3I SOLD From AR Newsline
Ham radio manufacturer C3I is officially sold. C3I manufactured VHF and UHF antennas along with other amateur radio products. The new company operations will be fully operational at a new location by the end of September or earlier.

FBI InfraGard From The ARRL Letter
InfraGard is an FBI program to promote dialogue between the private sector and the federal investigative agency "concerning critical infrastructure protection issues." A meeting in New York City brought together a group of people who care about post-disaster communication preparedness, and a majority of the people in attendance were active members of the Amateur Radio community.

Failed HAMSAT Launch From AR Newsline
An attempt to launch 17 tiny micro-satellites on board a Russian booster failed. The Denpr rocket failed shortly after lift-off.

Stacking Antennas From ARRL Contest Rate Sheet
There is some great information about stacking VHF and UHF antennas of different bands on the Directive Systems Web site. Look for the Application Note, "How to Plan The Installation of Multiple VHF Antennas on One Mast."

Universal Service Funding From AR Newsline
Cell phone and Internet phone service users may see higher bills later this year. The FCC has required providers of Internet phone service begin contributing to the Universal Service Fund. The moves are designed to make up temporarily for the loss of revenue for the fund from providers of high-speed Internet service over phone lines -- or Digital Subscriber Lines. DSL providers were exempted by the FCC last August.

Shrinking Pictures From ARRL Contest Rate Sheet
A free program to resize digital photos is available at Pixresizer

WINLINK Update From AR Newsline
A change in message handling by Winlink will not allow attachments in e-mails without something in the body of the message. The subject line is unimportant but there must be something in the body of the message even if its just a word or one alpha character.

ARRL OnLine Auction From The ARRL Letter
The ARRL is planning an Online Auction this fall. Auction proceeds will help to support the League's educational services and programs. The plan is to include many unique and special items related to Amateur Radio, ranging from DXpedition vacation rentals to restored Collins 75A4s. The auction will be open to all.

No More Apple CRTs From AR Newsline
Apple Computer is eliminating cathode-ray-tube monitors from its product line. Apple becomes one of the first major PC makers to sell only flat-panel displays, part of an industry-wide trend both in computers and televisions toward the use LCD monitors.