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Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio 11-Apr-2017

OSCAR News - June, 2003
Upcoming Events
Date What Sponsor Where
07-Jun VE Exam St. Paul RC 176 So. Robert St., St. Paul
07-Jun Hamfest Rochester ARC Diggers @ Kasson
08-Jun Hamfest TwinsLAN ARC 235 Marshall Ave., St. Paul
12-Jun VE Exam Rochester ARC 310 14th St SE, Rochester
12-Jun VE Exam Valley ARC 14603 Hayes Rd, Apple Valley
14-Jun OSCAR Owatonna Steele County ARC Hardees Restaurant - Owatonna
21-Jun Event Kid's Day
21-Jun VE Exam SE Metro ARC 8641 80th St S, Cottage Grove
26-Jun VE Exam Stillwater ARC 1460 Curve Crest, Stillwater
28-Jun VE Exam Bloomington Off Emerg Mgmnt 2215 W Old Shakopee Rd, Bloomington
28&29-Jun Event Field Day
10-Jul VE Exam Valley ARC 14603 Hayes Rd, Apple Valley

Field Day

Field Day for 2003 is June 28-29. OSCAR Field Day activities will be held in the back yard of Charlie K0HNY, 1509 Sunset Dr. SW. Charlie’s QTH is in one of the higher spots of Owatonna and includes a 40-foot tower. We’ll use the club call sign KC0BXJ and operate class 1-D (commercial power). This year’s activities will be very informal, running a mix of bands and modes.

Since we’ll be using Charlie’s QTH, there won’t be any set-up or take-down. Power will be applied to the finals at the Field Day starting time of 13:00 local (18:00Z). We'll run until nightfall or until the mosquitoes carry us away, whichever comes first. Be sure to stop, put your feet up, and sit a while. Take a turn at the console, dupe checking, or just enjoy the afternoon.

All individuals interested in Ham Radio (licensed or not) are invited. More details will be posted here after the OSCAR meeting on 14-Jun,

e-mail OSCAR

You can now e-mail the club officers and webmaster at oscarmn@ll.net. This address will be checked weekly. This address will also be used for future communications from OSCAR. This will help unclog my (N0UW) personal e-mail, and track where the spam is coming from.

Speaking of Spam

I came across a report on how your e-mail address gets on spam lists. It is a study that originated by the Center for Democracy & Technology (whoever they are). It was interesting reading. You can download a .pdf or a .html version.

Arthritis Walk

Several OSCAR members assisted with communications for the Arthritis Walk in Owatonna on Saturday, 17-May. The walk used the trail from the Warshinski Chalet to Kaplan Woods. The progress of the participants was monitores using the 145.490 repeater. There were over 55 walkers and I know the organizers appreciated the assistance. Thanks to Willis KA0KEL, Gary KC0KEW, Gene K0UOY, and Tom N0UW for your help in this public service activity.

County Emergency Assist

Speaking of public service, we are still looking for volunteers that would be willing to assist county officials in the event of an emergency. Amatuer radio volunteers are routinely recognized in the media for the assistance provided. Public service is often one of reasons specified for supporting amateur radio interests in the legislative world. Please let us know at oscarmn@ll.net that you are willing to assist. Thanks!!

Kid's Day

A Kid's Day event is scheduled for June 21, from 1800-2400 UTC. Activity for Kid's Day takes place on 20, 15 and 10 meters and can include local 2-meter repeaters. The suggested exchange for Kid's Day is first name, age, location and favorite color. It's okay to work the same station again if the operator has changed.

Kid's Day is intended to encourage young people (licensed or not) to enjoy Amateyr Radio with an on-the-air experience. It is an opportunity to generate interest in our hobby and allow hams to share the hobby with children.

Kid's Day is not a contest, and patience is a must. The role of the licensee and control operator is to help with the basics, keep an eye on the technical aspects of the operation, observe third-party traffic agreements and be sure to ID at the proper intervals. In this event, it's the quality of the contacts that counts, not quantity. Get more details at ARRL Kid's Day

Logbook of the World

The long-anticipated "Logbook of the World" (LoTW) -- ARRL's secure electronic contact-confirmation system -- is being opened for beta testing. LoTW now is available to all who wish to participate in the beta testing program. Beta testing will wrap up later this year, but no specific date has been determined. See ARRL LoTW for more information.

Scanner Law Update

In the May OSCAR Newsletter, I mentioned the MN Scanner Law. While researching the scanner laws of neighboring states, I found a Federal Preemption notice for Amateur Radio. PR Docket 91-36 is the federal preemption of state and local laws concerning amateur use of transceivers capable of reception beyond amateur allocations. This preemption allows amateurs to possess a transceiver capable of reception (but not transmission) on frequencies adjoining the amateur VHF/UHF bands. It does not apply to scanners which are separate from an amateur transceiver. You can download a (5 page) .pdf file from the ARRL at PR Docket 91-36. It's probably a good ides to keep a copy in your car with a copy of your amateur license.

Talk of the Nation

The 30-Apr edition of "Talk of the Nation" on National Public Radio featured Danny Grgegory and Paul Sahre. They are co-authors of a book entitled "Hello World: A Life in Ham Radio". You can listen to the interview by host Neal Conan at Talk of the Nation . The interview is approximately 12 minutes.

Keep Your FCC Data Current

If your license has not expired, 47 C.F.R Section 97.21 requires you to apply for timely modification of the license as necessary to show your correct mailing address, name, club name, license trustee or custodian name. Revocation of your station license or suspension of your operator license may result when correspondence from the FCC is returned as undeliverable because you failed to provide the correct mailing address. It must be easy to forget your update. When OSCAR made the initial mailings last year, we had about 10% of the letters returned when using the address contained in the FCC data base. For an operator/primary station license, the application must be made on a FCC Form 605 document. From FCC

US Frequency Allocation Chart

View, download, or order a US Frequency Allocation Chart from the
National Telecommunications and Information Administration web site.

Worked All States Map

The New Jersey QRP Club has a Worked All States (WAS) map and record sheet on their web site. You can download .pdf versions at the New Jersey QRP Club web site.

New Jersey QRP Club Side Note

The NorCal QRP Club and the New Jersey QRP Club have joined forces, effective June 4, to form The American QRP Club. A larger, more comprehensive single journal, The Homebrewer, will replace QRP and QRP Homebrewer. The new club already has begun to consolidate kitting operations as well, and a new Web site http://www.a-qrp.org is in the offing. Detailed information is available on the American QRP Club's temporary Web site at the current NJQRP Web site.

CT Logging Software

The contest logging software CT became freeware as of April 2. A character-mode version of CT for Windows, CT 9.90, was released on April 22. It's designed to work with Windows 98 and later. (The latest DOS version is CT 9.89.003.) Visit the Update CT site to download the software. Users must uninstall old versions before attempting to load the newest version. Support will be via a users group reflector. From ARRL

Spyware information

I came across an interesting web site sharing information on browser hijacking, adware, and auto dialers. You can access the information at Spyware Info .

Something to Sell or Buy? Something to Add?

Don't forget the "classified" section of the OSCAR web site. The editor is always looking for ideas and submissions for future newsletters. Send ideas, articles, event dates, and updates to oscarmn@ll.net