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OSCAR News - May, 2003
Upcoming Events
Date What Sponsor Where
03-May Hamfest Arrowhead RAC Cedarburg, WI
03-May Hamfest Ozaukee Radio Club Superior, WI
03-May Skywarn South East Metro ARC 8641 80th Avenue, Cottage Grove
03-May VE Exam St. Paul RC 176 So. Robert St., St. Paul
05-May VE Exam Mankato ARC 2105 Homestead Dr, Mankato
08-May VE Exam Valley ARC 14603 Hayes Rd., Apple Valley
10-May OSCAR Owatonna Steele County ARC Hardees Restaurant - Owatonna
10-May VE Exam Anoka County ARC 1150 Paul Pkwy, Blaine
10&11-May EVENT CQ Magazine National Fox Hunting Weekend
15-May Skywarn Ramsey County Emergency Services 3383 N Rice St., Shoreview
16&18-May Hamfest Dayton Hamvention Dayton, OH
17-May VE Exam South East Metro RC 8641 80th ST S, Cottage Grove
24-May VE Exam Bloomington Off Emerg Mgmnt 2215 W Old Shakopee Rd, Bloomington
29-May Skywarn Ramsey County Emergency Services 3383 N Rice St., Shoreview
31-May Skywarn North Hennepin Comm College 7411 85th Ave. N., Brooklyn Pk
07-Jun Hamfest TwinsLAN ARC 235 Marshall Ave., St. Paul
07-Jun VE Exam St. Paul RC 176 So. Robert St., St. Paul
28&29-Jun EVENT ARRL Field Day

Field Day

Field Day for 2003 is scheduled for June 28-29. Details will be discussed at the May meeting.

New Austin ARC Web Site

The Austin ARC has a new web site and web address: http://www.austinarc.com

Windows Update Change

It is being reported Microsoft has changed the method being used for users of Windows Update . Previously, Update did not collect any information from the computer. It operated by sending your computer a list of patches and updates. Software on your machine then culled the list, displaying the fixes you didnít have so that you could choose the ones you wanted. Your PC never sent back any information.

The new version of Windows Update uploads the Product ID number from your installation of Windows, plus a list of your machineís hardware, in addition to downloading the list of patches. Read more at infoworld.com

MN Scanner Law

When looking at the new Austin ARC web page, I followed the "Scanner Law MN" link, which provides a link to Statue 299C.37 Police Communication Equipment. There is a requirement in the law contained in paragraph Subd. 1 (c) to

"... carry the amateur radio license in the motor vehicle at all times ..."

This should not be an issue when we are driving our own vehicles. It may be an problem when a family member is driving the vehicle without an amateur radio license. In addition to keeping a copy of your license in the vehicle, the suggestion is made to also keep a copy of the statute in the vehicle.

Ham Radio From Iraq

Don't be to surprised if you soon start hearing a number of stations signing portable YI from Iraq. More than a small number of the technicians and engineers serving at news bureaus will be hams. Its only a matter of time before some of them get ham radio gear and take to the air -- portable YI -- from Iraq.
The Daily DX and the ARRL Letter reported that Jim Dunkerton, KT4CK, had been active from the Middle East on 15 meters SSB. On April 7th, he was identifying as YI/KT4CK and saying he was in the desert of Southern Iraq.
ARRL Membership Services Manager Wayne Mills, N7NG, says the League will accept for DXCC credit YI/ operations from Iraq by US or British military personnel provided the operator has written permission from his or her commanding officer.
The Daily DX reported several hams with the US military in Iraq have been showing up on the air in recent days. Mark Smith, NG5L, has been active from near Nasiriya as YI/NG5L on SSB, usually around 0500 UTC near 14.195 MHz. He's also been spotted in Europe and North America on other 20-meter frequencies and at other times of the day. Smith is in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division.
Jim Dunkerton, YI/KT4CK, has been active on 15-meter SSB between 1430 and 1600 UTC. Dunkerton is believed to be with the 101st Airborne. Bob Furzer, 9K2ZZ/K4CY, reportedly has been on the air from Iraq as K4CY/p or K4CY/m. Other hams are known to be in Iraq but have not yet been reported on the air.
From ARRL and Amateur Radio Newsline

This Is Paul Harvey

During the March 19 radio broadcast at noon, Paul Harvey on March 19 offered some kind words for Amateur Radio.
"America's quiet warriors are the legion of ham radio operators, 700,000 of them, who are always at ready for backup duty in emergencies--amateur, unpaid, uncelebrated, civilian radio operators, during and after floods and fires and tornadoes. After the 9/11 attacks, hams were indispensable in reuniting friends and families. Most recently it was they who expedited the search for debris after the disaster to the space shuttle Columbia, and right now, at this moment, they are involved in homeland security to a greater degree than you would want me to make public."

County Emergency Assist

We are looking for volunteers that would be willing to assist county officials in the event of an emergency. Amatuer radio volunteers are routinely recognized in the media for the assistance provided. Public service is often one of reasons specified for supporting amateur radio interests in the legislative world. Please let Jeff N0GZK or Tom N0UW know that you are willing to assist. Thanks!!

Vanity Fees

If you are planning to go for a vanity call sign, do it now or be prepared to pay a few cents more. The proposed hike to $16.30 for a vanity call comes in an FCC Notice of Proposed Rule Making dealing with fee collection matters released on March 26th. Its all in M-D Docket No. 03-83 and comments on it are due no later than April 25th.
From FCC

PC with a Vacuum Tube?

Who would think that a new product introduction would include a vacuum tube in a PC motherboard? The first tube motherboard appeared last year in response to PC gamers who craved the allegedly "more natural" sound produced by vacuum tube technology. Those who have seen the boards call it a strange sight to behold.

Read more about this unusual marriage at neoseeker.com

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