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Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio 11-Apr-2017

OSCAR News - March 2003
Upcoming Activities


  • Daily: Roll call at 7:00 AM on 145.490 for coffee at Hy-Vee in Owatonna.
  • Saturday: Breakfast (informal) at 7:00 AM at the Kernel in Owatonna.
  • Sunday: Repeater Net at 9:00 PM on 145.490. Jeff N0GZK is Net Control.
  • Daily: ARRL MN Section Phone Net on 3.860 MHz at 12:00 PM and 5:30 PM.
  • Daily: ARRL MN Section CW Net on 3.605 MHZ at 6:30 PM and 9:50 PM.
  • 08-Mar: Fargo/RRRA Hamfest.
  • 08-Mar: St. Cloud Cabin Reliever Hamfest.
  • 09-Mar: Wisconsin QSO Party
  • 16-Mar: Tri-County ARC Hamfest – Jefferson, WI
  • 26-Mar: SKYWARN classes in Kasson.
  • 29-Mar: St. Paul Mid-Winter Madness
  • 04&05-Apr: AES Superfest - Milwaukee
  • 19-Apr: Faribault Hamfest
  • 01-Mar: ARRL International DX Contest (Phone)

Next Meeting
Saturday, 08-Mar, 9:00 AM at the Owatonna Hardee’s on South Oak Street.

" The Pres Says"
Looks like we are sure getting ready for Spring. The WX has been kind of nice. I have been riding my motorcycle, with temps at about 47 degrees WOW!! Don’t try it unless you are an experienced rider . HI-HI.
Thanks to all that attended the last OSCAR meeting. Looks like sure on the way to some new activities coming up in the Spring. Looking forward to seeing you all at the next meeting.

73s Jeff NOGZK

OSCAR Web Page
Visit (and bookmark) the OSCAR web page at:

Thanks to Mark WA0F for developing the site.

Field Day
Field Day for 2003 is scheduled for June 28-29. OSCAR is beginning to plan its participation. Keep an eye out for additional information.

Skywarn Classes
For a complete list of Skywarn classes in the metro area, visit Skywarn Central at:


Hazard Preparation
The MN Disaster and Emergency Services site has links to download information from FEMA and the Red Cross on how to prepare your homes for disasters. Visit:


Who We Are
We are fortunate to have a good resource of Volunteer Examiners in Steel County. Known VE's include:

Dick NV0C, Jeff N0GZK, Charlie K0HNY, Willis KA0KEL, and Tom N0UW.

If you are a VE with ARRL or W5YI, let one of the officers know if you are interested in helping out in a VE session.

Call Sign Origins
Amateur Radio isn’t the only communication service with “vanity” call signs. This list was pulled from:


Call Location Explanation
KAAL(TV) Austin A)ustin-A)lbert L)ea
KAUS Austin A)u)s)tin
KBEM Minneapolis B)oard of E)ducation-M)inneapolis
KBEW Blue Earth B)lue E)arth
KCFE Eden Prairie CFE='Cafe' Note: now KZNZ
KDIZ Golden Valley DIZ-'Disney' Radio Disney
KDOG Mankato The D)o)g) Slogan: We've got a leg up on the competition
KEGE Minneapolis EGE=The 'Edge' Note: now KXXR
KFAI Minneapolis F)resh A)i)r Radio
KFAN Minneapolis The F)a)n)
KGLD Golden Valley G)ol)d)en Valley Note: now KDIZ
KJJO St. Louis Park K)-J)o)e Note: now KMJZ
KJLY Blue Earth K)ing J)esus L)oves Y)ou
KLXK Minneapolis KLX='Classic' Hits Note: now KXXR
KMJZ St. Louis Park M)inneapolis J)azz)
KMOJ Minneapolis Kim)o)j)a (means community)
KMSP(TV) Minneapolis M)inneapolis-S)t. P)aul
KOLM Rochester O)l)m)stead County
KOWZ Blooming Prairie KOWZ='Cows'
KQRS Golden Valley Q)uality R)adio S)tation
KREV Lakeville R)e)v)olution Radio Note: now KZNR
KRFO Owatonna R)adio F)rom O)watonna
KROC Rochester R)o)c)hester
KSGS St. Louis Park S)olid G)old S)oul
KSTP St. Paul St). P)aul, Minnesota
KTCJ Minneapolis T)win C)ities J)azz Note: now KXBR
KTCR Minneapolis T)win C)ities R)adio Note: now KXBR/KTCZ
KTIS Minneapolis T)ravelers I)nsurance S)ervice
KUOM Minneapolis U)niversity o)f M)innesota
KWNG Red Wing Red W)in)g)
KWNO Winona W)in)o)na
KWWK(FM) Rochester KWWK='Quick', Quick Country
KXBR Minneapolis BR='Bear'
WAMD St. Paul W)here A)ll M)innesota D)ances Note: now KSTP
WAYL Minneapolis WAYL='whale' Note: now KXXR
WCCO Minneapolis W)ashburn C)rosby Milling Co)mpany
WCTS Minneapolis C)entral T)heological S)eminary
WDGY Minneapolis D)octor G)eorge Y)oung Note: now on 630 from 1130
WFTC(TV) Minneapolis W)e're F)ox T)win C)ities
WIMN Stillwater W)i)sconsin-M)in)nesota Note: now WEZU
WLOL Minneapolis L)and o)f L)akes Note: now KSJN
WMCN St. Paul M)acalester C)ollege
WMNN Minneapolis M)innesota N)ews N)etworks
WTCX Lakeville T)win C)ities Note: now KZNR
WWTC Minneapolis T)win C)ities