Section Index Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio 20-Jul-2007

Recieving Poorly10-1 Recieving Poorly
Recieving Well10-2Receiving well
 10-3Stop transmitting
Acknowledgement10-4OK, message received
Relay10-5Relay message
Busy, Will Call10-6Busy, stand by
Out Of Service10-7Out of service, leaving air
In Service10-8In service, subject to call
Repeat Message10-9Repeat message
Out Of Service, Subject To Call10-10Transmission completed - standing by
Dispatching Too Rapidly10-11Talking too rapidly
Visitors Present10-12Visitors present
Advise Weather, Road Conditions10-13Advise Weather/Road conditions
Escort Or Convoy10-14  
Prisoner In Custody10-15  
Daily Reports10-16Make pick up at
Pick Up Papers10-17Urgent business
Complete Assignment Asap10-18Anything for us?
Return To Station10-19Nothing for you, return to base
What Is Your Location?10-20My location is
Call By Phone10-21Call by telephone
Disregard10-22Report in person to
Check For Traffic10-23Stand by
Clear, No Traffic10-24Completed last assignment
Do You Have Contact With?10-25Can you contact
Call District Office10-26Disregard last information
Any Answer Our Number?10-27I am moving to channel
Motor Vehicle Registration Check10-28Identify your station
Boat Registration Check10-28B  
Snowmobile Registration Check10-28S  
Check For Stolen Or Want10-29Time is up for contact
Noncomformance To Rules10-30Does not conform to FCC rules
Is Breath Analyzer 33Available?10-32I will give you a radio check
Emergency Traffic Only10-33EMERGENCY TRAFFIC
Trouble At Station10-34Trouble at this station
Confidential Information10-35Confidential information
Correct Time?10-36Correct time is
Stop At10-37Wrecker needed at
Investigating At ______10-38Ambulance needed at
Assist Officer At ______10-39Your message delivered
Do Not Divulge Location10-40  
Switch To Alternate Channel10-41Please turn to channel
Call Home10-42Traffic accident at
Phone Number, Where Can Call?10-43  
D/L Clear, As Given, Valid10-44I have a message for you
Complete D/L Check10-45All units within range please report
Game & Fish Violation Check10-46  
Urinalysis Report10-47  
Blood Alcohol Report10-48  
Pedestrian On Freeway10-49  
Property Damage Accident10-50Break channel
Property Damage Accident, -Tow Enroute10-51  
Personal Injury Accident10-52  
Personal Injury - Ambulance Enroute10-53  
Request For Coroner10-54A  
Funeral Announcement10-55  
Investigate Drunk Driver10-56  
Drunk Person10-57  
Request Permission To Talk To _________10-58  
10-58 Complete10-59  
Next Time Number?10-60What is next message number
Civil Disturbance - Preliminary10-61  
Civil Disturbance - Action10-62Unable to copy, use phone
Civil Disturbance - All Clear10-63Net directed to
Activate Scrambler10-64Net clear
Clear For Item10-65Awaiting your next message/assignment
Clear For Cancellation10-66  
 10-67All units comply
Repeat Dispatch10-68  
Caution, Subject Dangerous10-69  
Bomb (Location)10-70Fire at
Exploded Bomb (Location)10-71Proceed with transmission in sequence
Dead Body (Doa)10-72  
Abandoned Car10-73  
Juvenile Trouble10-75  
See Complainant10-76  
Prowler10-77Negative contact
Ambulance Run10-78  
Sex Crime (Exposure, Rape)10-80  
Adt Or Bank Alarm10-81Reserve hotel room for
Burglary10-82Reserve room for
Fight10-84My telephone number is
Knifing10-85My address is
Hold Up10-86  
Officer Needs Help10-88  
Tower Light Check10-90  
Blood Run10-91Talk closer to mike
Reserve Room For ________10-92  
Frequencies To Be Checked10-93Check my frequency on this channel
Radio Repair Will Be At _______10-94Please give me a long count
Test With Normal Modulation10-95  
Civil Defense Condition I10-96  
Civil Defense Condition Ii10-97  
Civil Defense Attack Warning10-98  
Civil Defense Test10-99Mission completed, all units secure

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