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VHF / UHF Band Plans
6 meters (50 to 54 MHz) 2 meters (144 to 148 MHz) 1.25 meters (222 to 225 MHz)
70 centimeters (420 to 450 MHz) 33 centimeters (902 to 928 MHz) 23 centimeters (1240 to 1300 MHz)
2.3 GHz (2300-2310, 2390-2450 MHz) 3.3 GHz and Higher

6 Meters (50 - 54 MHz)
50.000-50.100CW, beacons
50.060-50.080beacon subband
50.100-50.125SSB, CW DX window
50.125SSB calling
50.125-50.300SSB, CW
50.300-50.600All modes
50.600-50.620Non-voice communications
50.620Digital (packet) calling
50.620-50.800Non-voice communications
50.800-51.000Radio remote control (20-kHz channels)
51.000-51.100Pacific DX window
51.120-51.180Digital repeater inputs
51.180-51.480Repeater inputs
51.620-51.980Repeater outputs (19 channels)
51.620-51.680Digital repeater outputs
52.000-52.480Repeater inputs (except as noted; 23 channels)
52.020, 52.040FM simplex
52.200TEST PAIR (input)
52.500-52.980Repeater output (except as noted; 23 channels)
52.525Primary FM simplex
52.540Secondary FM simplex
52.700TEST PAIR (output)
53.000-53.480Repeater inputs (except as noted; 19 channels)
53.000Remote base FM simplex
53.100, 53.200, 53.300, 53.400Radio remote control
53.500-53.980Repeater outputs (except as noted; 19 channels)
53.500, 53.600, 53.700, 53.800Radio remote control
53.520, 53.90Simplex

2 Meters (144 - 148 MHz)
144.00-144.05EME (CW)
144.050-144.100General CW and weak signals
144.100-144.200EME and weak-signal SSB
144.200National calling frequency
144.200-144.275General SSB operation
144.275-144.300Propagation beacons
144.300-144.500New OSCAR subband
144.500-144.600Linear translator inputs
144.600-144.900FM repeater inputs
144.900-145.100Weak signal and FM simplex
145.100-145.2001Linear translator outputs
145.200-145.500FM repeater outputs
145.500-145.800Miscellaneous and experimental modes
145.800-146.000OSCAR subband
146.010-146.370Repeater inputs
146.520National Simplex Calling Frequency
146.610-146.970Repeater outputs
147.000-147.390Repeater outputs
147.600-147.990Repeater inputs
1 145.01,03,05,07,09 are widely used for packet
2 146.40 MHz is used in some areas as a repeater input.

1.25 Meters (222 - 225 MHz)
222.000-222.150Weak-signal modes
222.050-222.060Propagation beacons
222.100SSB & CW calling frequency
222.100-222.150Weak-signal CW & SSB
222.150-222.250Local coordinator's option; weak signal, ACSB, repeater inputs, control
222.250-223.380FM repeater inputs only
223.400-223.520FM simplex
223.520-223.640Digital, packet
223.640-223.700Links, control
223.710-223.850Local coordinator's option; FM simplex, packet, repeater outputs
223.850-224.980Repeater outputs only

70 centimeters (420 - 450 MHz)
420.000-426.000 ATV repeater or simplex with 421.25 MHz video carrier control links and experimental
426.000-432.000ATV simplex with 427.250-MHz video carrier frequency
432.000-432.070EME (Earth-Moon-Earth)
432.070-432.100Weak-signal CW
432.10070-cm calling frequency
432.100-432.300Mixed-mode and weak-signal work
432.300-432.400Propagation beacons
432.400-433.000Mixed-mode and weak-signal work
433.000-435.000Auxiliary/repeater links
435.000-438.000Satellite only (internationally)
438.000-444.000ATV repeater input with 439.250-MHz video carrier frequency and repeater links
442.000-445.000Repeater inputs and outputs (local option)
445.000-447.000Shared by auxiliary and control links, repeaters and simplex (local option)
446.000National simplex frequency
447.000-450.000Repeater inputs and outputs (local option)

33 centimeters (902 - 928 MHz)
902.0-903.0Narrow-bandwidth, weak-signal communications
902.000-902.800SSTV, FAX, ACSSB, experimental
902.100Weak-signal calling frequency
902.800-903.000Reserved for EME, CW expansion
903.100Alternate calling frequency
903.000-906.000Digital communications
906.000-909.000FM repeater inputs
915.000-918.000Digital communications
918.000-921.000FM repeater outputs
927.000-928.000FM simplex and links

23 centimeters (1240 - 1300 MHz)
1240.000-1246.000ATV #1
1246.000-1248.000Narrow-bandwidth FM point-to-point links and digital, duplex with 1258.000-1260.000
1248.000-1258.000Digital Communications
1252.000-1258.000ATV #2
1258.000-1260.000Narrow-bandwidth FM point-to-point links digital, duplexed with 1246-1252
1260.000-1270.000Satellite uplinks, reference WARC '79
1260.000-1270.000Wide-bandwidth experimental, simplex ATV
1270.000-1276.000Repeater inputs, FM and linear, paired with 1282-1288, 239 pairs every 25 kHz, e.g. 1270.025, .050, etc.
1271.000-1283.000Non-coordinated test pair
1276.000-1282.000ATV #3
1282.000-1288.000Repeater outputs, paired with 1270-1276
1288.000-1294.000Wide-bandwidth experimental, simplex ATV
1294.000-1295.000Narrow-bandwidth FM simplex services, 25-kHz channels
1294.5National FM simplex calling frequency
1295-1297.000Narrow bandwidth weak-signal communications (no FM)
1295.000-1295.800SSTV, FAX, ACSSB, experimental
1295.800-1296.000Reserved for EME, CW expansion
1296.070-1296.080CW beacons
1296.100CW, SSB calling frequency
1296.400-1296.600Crossband linear translator input
1296.600-1296.800Crossband linear translator output
1296.800-1297.000Experimental beacons (exclusive)
1297.000-1300.000Digital Communications

2300-2310 and 2390-2450 MHz
2300.0-2303.0High-rate data
2303.500-2303.800TTY packet
2303.900-2303.900Packet, TTY, CW, EME
2303.900-2304.100CW, EME
2304.100Calling frequency
2304.100-2304.200CW, EME, SSB
2304.200-2304.300SSB, SSTV, FAX, Packet AM, Amtor
2304.300-2304.320Propagation beacon network
2304.320-2304.400General propagation beacons
2304.400-2304.500SSB, SSTV, ACSSB, FAX, Packet AM, Amtor experimental
2304.500-2304.700Crossband linear translator input
2304.700-2304.900Crossband linear translator output
2304.900-2305.000Experimental beacons
2305.000-2305.200FM simplex (25 kHz spacing)
2305.200FM simplex calling frequency
2305.200-2306.000FM simplex (25 kHz spacing)
2306.000-2309.000FM Repeaters (25 kHz) input
2309.000-2310.000Control and auxiliary links
2390.000-2396.000Fast-scan TV
2396.000-2399.000High-rate data
2399.500-2400.000Control and auxiliary links
2403.000-2408.000Satellite high-rate data
2410.000-2413.000FM repeaters (25 kHz) output
2413.000-2418.000High-rate data
2418.000-2430.000Fast-scan TV
2433.000-2438.000Satellite high-rate data
2438.000-2450.000WB FM, FSTV, FMTV, SS experimental

3.3 GHz and Higher
3456.300-3456.400Propagation beacons
5760.300-5760.400Propagation beacons
10.368Narrow band calling frequency
10.3683-10.3684Propagation beacons
24.00 GHz-24.30 GHzAll modes
47.00 GHZ-47.20 GHzAll modes
75.50 GHZ-81.00 GHzAll modes3
119.98 GHZ-120.02 GHzAll modes
142.00 GHZ-149.00 GHzAll modes
241.00 GHZ-250.00 GHzAll modes
300.00 GHZ and HigherAll modes
3Amateur operation at 76-77 GHz has been suspended till the FCC can insure that there will be no interference to vehicle radar systems.

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