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QNA Answer in prearranged order QSA Signal Strength (1-Bad Good-5)
QNBAct as a relay QSBSignal fading
QNCAll stations copy QSDDefective keying
QNDNet is directed QSGSend telegrams at a time
QNEEntire Net standby QSJCharge to be collected per word
QNFNet is free (not controlled) QSKHear between signals
QNGTake over as net control station QSLAcknowledge
QNHYour net frequency is high QSMRepeat last telegram
QNINet station report in QSNDid you hear me
QNJCan you copy QSOCommunicate with
QNKTransmit messages for QSPRelay to free of charge
QNLYour net frequency is low QSQDoctor on board
QNMYou are QRMing the Net QST General call
QNNNet control station is QSUSend or replay on this frequency
QNOStation is leaving Net QSVSend a series of vs
QNPUnable to copy QSWSend on this frequency
QNQMove to frequency QSXListen to
QNRAnswer and receive traffic QSYChange frequency
QNSFollowing stations are in Net QSZSend more than once
QNTRequest to leave Net   
QNUNet has traffic for you QTACancel telegram
QNVEstablish contact with QTBAgree with word count
QNWHow do I route message QTCHow many telegrams
QNXExcused from Net QTETrue bearing
QNYShift to another frequency QTGSend two dashes of ten seconds each
QNZZero beat your frequency QTHLocation
   QTITrue track (degrees)
QRAName of station QTJSpeed (knots or km. per hr.)
QRBDistance from station QTLTrue heading
QRDBound for / from QTNTime of departure
QRGExact frequency QTOLeaving dock or port
QRHDoes frequency vary QTPEnter dock or port
QRITone of frequency (1-Good Bad-3) QTQCommunicate by International Code
QRKSignal reliability (1-Bad Good-5) QTRCorrect time
QRLAre you busy QTSSend call signs
QRMInterference QTUHours of operation
QRNNoise / Static QTVStand guard
QROIncrease power QTXKeep station open
QRPDecrease power   
QRQSend faster QUANews of
QRRAutomatic operation QUBGive information
QRRR Land SOS QUCNumber of last message
QRSSend slower QUDReceive urgency call
QRTStop sending QUFReceive distress signal
QRUHave you anything / I have nothing QUGForced to alight or land
QRVAre you ready / I am ready QUHPresent barometric pressure
QRWInform on KHz   
QRXCall again   
QRYWhat is my turn / Your turn is   
QRZWho is calling   

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