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CW Abbreviations

AAAll after ABTAll before ABTAbout
ADEEAddressee ADRAddress AGNAgain
ANTAntenna AR End of message ARL/BARRL numbered message
BMore to follow BCIBroadcast interference BCLBroadcast listener
BKBack BNBeen BUGSemi-automatic key
CYes CDARRL Communications Dept. C.D.Civil Defense
CFM Confirm CK Check CLClosing station
CLDCalled CLG Calling CQCalling any station
CUDCould CUL See you later CUMCome
CWContinuous wave      
DEFrom DLDDelivered DLVDDelivered
DXForeign country    ES And
FB Fine business FONEPhone, telephone FREQFrequency
GAGo ahead GBGood-bye GBAGive better address
GEGood evening GGGoing GMGood morning
GN Good night GND Ground GPGround plane
HITelegraphic laugh HRHere HVHave
HWHow HX Handling instructions   
KGo Ahead    LIDPoor operator
MAMilliamp MILSMilliamp MSGMessage
N No NCSNet control station NDNothing doing
NILNothing NMNo more NRNumber
OBOld boy OMOld man OPOperator
OPROperator OSCOscillator OTOld timer
PBLPreamble PSEPlease PWRPower
RReceived RACRectified alt. current RCDReceived
RCVRReceiver REFReference RFIRadio freq. interference
RPTRepeat RXReceive   
SASESelf addr. stamped envelope SEDSaid SIGSignal
SINE Operatorís initials SKEDSchedule SRISorry
TFCTraffic TKSThanks TMWTomorrow
TNXThanks TTThat TUThank you
TVITV interference TVLTelevision listener TXTransmit
URYour URSYours   
VFOVariable freq. oscillator VYVery   
WAWord after WBWord before WRDWord
WKDWorked WKGWorking WLWell
WUDWould WXWeather   
XMTRTransmitter XTALCrystal XYLWife
YFWife YLYoung lady    
73Best regards 88Love and kisses   

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