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Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio 20-Nov-2015


EchoLink is software that allows Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another over the Internet, using voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology. The program enables worldwide connections to be made between stations, from computer to station, or from computer to computer.

The Owatonna repeater has an EchoLink node connection (469520) using the KHNY call sign. Below are basic DTMF commands used to access and disconnect EchoLink. More information is available at EchoLink.

Command Description DTMF
ConnectConnects to a station on the Internet, based on its node number.nnnnnn1
Random NodeSelects an available node (of any type) at random, and tries to connect to it. 00
DisconnectDisconnects the station that is currently connected. If more than one station is connected, disconnects only the most-recently-connected station.#
Disconnect AllDisconnects all stations.##
ReconnectRe-connects to the station that most recently disconnected.09
Query by NodeLooks up a station by its node number, and reads back its callsign and status. 06 + nnnnnn1
1Enter the 4- 5-, or 6-digit node number to which you wish to connect.

To connect to KAPQW in Ellendale:
  • Use the DTMF pad to enter:
    2 6 7 5 8 2
  • EchoLink responds with:
    or another status message.
To disconnect:
  • Use the DTMF pad to enter:
  • EchoLink responds with:

Possible system acknowledgements
ALREADY IN CONFERENCEEchoLink is already participating in a conference, and thus cannot join another one. For details, see the section Conferencing
BUSYThe requested station is listed as busy. This signal is included in the response to either a connect request or a status query.
CONNECTEDA station has just connected over the Internet, either by your own request or theirs. If the "Announce stations on connect" option has been enabled, this will be followed by the station's callsign.
DISABLEDThe Link Down command has been received and EchoLink is no longer available for connections.
DISCONNECTEDThe station to which you had just been connected has disconnected, either at their request or yours. Check the System Log for more information.
ENABLEDThe Link Up command has been received and EchoLink is now available for connections.
NOT AVAILABLEA connection could not be established to the requested station. The station is busy, or it is denying access based on its inbound security settings or your own outbound security settings.
NOT CONNECTEDYou have requested a disconnect, but no station is currently connected.
NOT FOUNDThe requested station is not currently logged on. This signal is sent in response to any of several DTMF functions that search for a particular callsign or node number.
TIMEOUTThe station was disconnected because of a timeout, or an attempt to connect to another station failed because the station did not respond. There are several different types of timeouts; check the System Log to determine the exact cause.

Nodes of Interest
Node Call Sign - Location Node Call Sign - Location
469520 KHNY - Owatonna, MN 267582 KAPQW - Ellendale, MN
513917 NXP - Glenville, MN 6350 NXC - Albert Lea, MN
19475 KRGR - Rochester, MN 46305 KMD - Bloomington, MN

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