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Equipment For Sale or Buy

The items listed here are for sale by individuals. OSCAR provides this opportunity only as a courtesy to the Amateur Radio community. Individuals intererested in any items presented below should make contact with the listed contact person directly. The listed contact is solely responsible for any information presented here or directly to prospective buyers. OSCAR does not provide any endorsement or validation of the equipment, information presented, or the seller.

Tom (WB9LEF) is agreeable to disposing of his tower, beam antenna, and rotor system. If you know anyone that might be interested contact Tom or Dex W0DH at
The tower is a 60' Rohn BX, beam is Hy-Gain tri-bander, rotor is Yaesu with controller. Tom says he won't give it away, but would like to sell it. Buyer would have to take it down. It's on a hinged base. At one time it all belonged to Dale Westgate. All in excellent condition.

    OSCAR reserves all rights to include or reject submited items:
  • Submitted items should be Amateur Radio related.
  • Individuals making submissions and listed contacts should reside in Steele County or the immediately adjacent counties.
  • Pictures, if submitted, will be reduced and cropped to 200 pixels by 150 pixels.
  • Listing will automatically be removed after 60 days, but can be resubmitted.
  • Requests can be directed to the OSCAR e-mail address below.

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