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Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio 17-Apr-2010

Amateur Radio License Classes

Everyone has a different method of learning. Preparing for an Amateur Radio license exam can be accomplished through self-study, participating in a locally sponsored license class, or a combination of both.

Self Study
There are many opportunities for self-study through on-line courses and reading materials. The OSCAR Links page has suggested sources of materials.

The ARRL suggests using the Tune In The World book. It is divided into 10 chapters, representing the 10 areas of interest that will be covered in the exam. The book also includes the complete (500+) question pool (and answers) your exam will be taken from. This book is also used by many groups teaching for a Technician Class license exam.

License Classes
Amateur radio clubs are the normal sponsors for a class. Classes may be informal or arranged as part of a continuing education class. Typically, a license class has approximately 16 hours of classroom time. Some groups may have 2 hour classroom sessions over several weeks. Other groups have weekend classes, covering the material in 2 all-day sessions.

The cost of a license class varies by the group sponsoring the class. Many groups do not charge for classroom sessions. The participants should expect to pay for the study material, which may be approximately $20. The study material is a good investment as it is a ready reference for new amateur radio operators after they receive their license.

Known classes in the area are listed on the OSCAR Calendar page and below. Information on classes can also be researched at ARRL.

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