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History of KHNY

Charlie KHNYwas 70 when he died in 2010. An amateur ham radio enthusiast since high school, Charlie enjoyed talking to people around the world. He was a certified ham radio instructor and part of the weather watch team. Charlie was well known in the local ham community.

The term Elmer is recognition of someone who provides personal guidance and assistance to would-be hams. Charlie truly was an "Elmer". He was honored with an Elmer Award in 20??.

OSCAR originally held the club call sign KCBXJ, of which Charlie was the Trustee. With the support of the family, OSCAR applied for and was assigned KHNY in memorium under the FCC vanity call sign system to honor him.

Memories from Marv NFJP
In the early 1980's I became interested in ham radio. It started at what I later found out to be field day. The OSCAR club that weekend was setting up in the infield of the race track at the Steele Co Fair grounds. To me, an outsider, just walking in, It was Charlie, KHNY that welcomed me and offered to show me around.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. Later Charlie along with Paul Underland, would help myself and several other get out "ticket" and get on the air. In those early years Charlie would always be there to lend a hand or clear up any questions I had. There are many other past OSCAR members that are now silent key's and I wish we could honor each and everyone of them. I know if we could ask them today, they would also say there is no more fitting tribute than to have the club repeater call be KHNY to great everyone with in range everyday.

Memories from Dave WBVAK
I remember Charlie as a farmer and fellow ham. After Kay and myself got our Technician license, (with the hours of help of Paul W0FEI). I could not wait to get on the air. Kay and myself went up to a St. Cloud hamfest and I bought a used hand held. It used crystals in it and 146.940 was one pair. The first contact on the 146.940 repeater was Charlie. He was always there to answer questions and give a helping hand. I know he was one of the many people to help put up the 147.105 tower. Charlie had a softer voice on the air, but when he laughed you just had to smile.

Owatonna has been blessed with a very talented number of Ham Radio people. I also wish we could honor all of the silent keys in such a way as having there call for the club. I will always remember Charlies call.


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