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The Story Behind the SCCD 145.49/144.89 Repeater

In the early 80's when it became apparent that Steele County Civil Defense (SCCD) needed a repeater to coordinate Weather Watch and other emergency communications, several organizations and companies contributed services and equipment to build a repeater.

The City of Owatonna, through the Owatonna Public Utilities (OPU) agreed to provide space for SCCD to mount the repeater antenna and hardline on their water tower at West Hills, at no charge to SCCD.

The hardline and duplexer were purchased with funds given to SCCD for the repeater by the Owatonna Foundation.

The repeater-transmitter-receiver-controller was purchased by the Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio Club (OSCAR), and dedicated to be paret of the SCCD repeater, with the understanding that the repeater be identified as the OSCAR repeater. This would establish the repeater as an Amateyr Radio repeater, and make it available for amateur use as opposed to a non-amateur (commercial) repeater.

When E.F. Johnson Co. installed their antennas on the West Hills water tower, they installed the SCCD antenna and hardware, and provided space for the repeater equipment in their equipment building, all at no cost to SCCD.

As part of the lease termination agreement, OPU acquired the equipment buildning from the E.F. Johnson Co., and is continuing to provide space, and power for the repeater equipment, at no cost to SCCD.

The etchnical support for the project was donated by Nick Rezabeck WBØJAK. He adapted and installed the repeater equipment, and continues to maintain the equipment on an expense only basis.

This uniquely funded and supported repeater project, and on-going operation of the repeater, is the result of the combined effort of several parties and government agencies, working on faith, without any formal agreement.

In order to preserve the integrity of the intent of the various parties involved with the assembling, and their continued involvement in the operation of the repeater, the control and responsibility for the operation of the repeater is a function of SCCD.

Being that amateurs of our area have in effect an open repeater for Amateur use, a Repeater Fund has been set up through OSCAR. This fund is dedicated to the upkeep and maintenance of the repeater. Voluntary contributions of $12.00 per year has been set for users of the repeater. Funds are collected by OSCAR, whose only involvement and responsibility is the collection, holding, and accounting of the funds.

It is standard practice with Amateur Repeaters, especially those that are not privately owned, for the people who use the repeater on a regular basis to contribute to the repeater fund.

This undated summary by KØHVS was found in the OSCAR archives.

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