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Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio 08-Mar-2024

Special Announcements

OSCAR Technician Class

The OSCAR Technician Class will begin on Tuesday, 26-Mar-2024. Classes will be held on conecutive Tuesday and Thursday nights through 18-Apr. A Volunteer Exam (VE) Session is scheduled for the the last class on 18-Apr.

Classes will be held on the 3rd floor of the Owatonna Fire Department, beginning at 6:00PM.
Each class is expected to last 2 hours (sometimes more).

The reference book for the class is The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual 5th Edition.
Recent sources for the manual include (check for current pricing):

  • ARRL: $32.95 plus shipping
  • Amazon: $29.66 plus shipping
  • Amazon: Kindle $19.99
  • Instructor: Contact oscarhamradio@gmail.com

The class plan (subject to last minute changes) is:
Date Chapter Topic
26-Mar (Tue) 1 Welcome to Amateur Radio
2 Radio and Signals Fundamentals
28-Mar (Thu) 5 Amateur Radio Equipment
02-Apr (Tue) 3 Electricity, Components, and Circuits
04-Apr (Thu) 4 Propagation, Antennas, and Feed Lines
09-Apr (Tue) 7 Licensing Regulations
8 Operating Regulations
11-Apr (Thu) 6 Communicating With Other Hams
16-Apr (Tue) 9 Safety
18-Apr (Thu)   VE Exam Session

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