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Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio 05-Jun-2015

American Red Cross
Rapid Response Team

The Southern Region of the American Red Cross (ARC), in collaboration with Minnesota ARES, is working to increase the number of ham radio operators within its group of volunteers. We are working to integrate amateur radio into each of the Chapters in the Southern Region to improve Red Cross preparedness and ability to respond to local disasters. The goal is to have Rapid Response Teams (RRT), consisting of at least two Amateur Radio operators, in each of the Counties served by the SE MN ARC Region:

Dodge, Fillmore, Olmsted, and Steele

RRT members will be credentialed by the ARC. ARC credentials are required to serve the ARC within an ARC facility. RRT members will be contacted and activated directly by the ARC. The RRT does not operate as part of the ARES or RACES organizations.

The requirements to qualify as an RRT member are:

  • Valid Amateur Radio License.
    You do not need to be a member of a radio club or a member of an ARES group to participate.
  • Registration with the ARC, described below.
  • Completion of required training, described below.

To become an ARC volunteer:

Submit an online Volunteer Application. Once you submit your application, you will receive an automated email to activate your new ARC Volunteer Account. Once you activate your ARC Volunteer Account:

The ARC will contact you when these steps have been completed to discuss local volunteer opportunities.

Required training includes:

  • ARC Disaster Services – An Overview (On-Line, anytime).
  • ARC DST101 - Overview (Webinar, scheduled event, approximately 90 - 120 minutes).
    This is a prerequisite for all other DST101 webinars.
  • ARC DST101 - Communications (Webinar, scheduled event, approximately 90 - 120 minutes).
  • ARC Rochester Rapid Response Course (class room, scheduled event, approximately 4 hours).

The current schedule for the required DST101 webinars and the ARC Rochester Rapid Response Course is below. RRT members may take other available Red Cross Courses, of their choosing, by completing course prerequisites and registering with the Southern MN Region Chapter Training Coordinator. There is no charge to take any of the ARC courses.

Additional contact information:

  • dst101@redcross.org to register for the ARC on-line courses and webinars.
  • Barry Altman W6GFN (barry.altman@redcross.org) to learn more more about the Rapid Response Team effort.
  • Barry Altman W6GFN (barry.altman@redcross.org) to register for the ARC Rapid Response Course.
  • Kris Martinson-Ihrke (kris.martinson@redcross.org) is the Southern MN Region Chapter Training Coordinator.
  • Joe Reinemann KDØRLL (kd0rll@arrl.net) for assistance getting into the ARC volunteer system.

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